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Name:Daniel of Mayfair
Birthdate:Jan 1


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..., alexander's blue dick dnw, alexanderisnotmypimp!, amnesia elixirs, books do not burn, brennenburg castle, bugs on my face!, crying and screaming, crying and shaking, crying in a corner, dead little sister, dog heads, doing puzzles, few drops of oil, fleshywallshurt, fmlfmlfml, fucking monsters and shit, got a tinderbox!, got an orb!, grinding teeth, gtfo shadow, hiding in your closet, hissing slug things, isitdarkinthere?, moral event horizon, mr. face, murder is okay, myorbsbringsalltheshadowstotheyard, nearly dying in africa, not killing monsters, not the shadow!!!, not water monsters!!!, prussian castles, running away, running out of tinderboxes, sawing agrippas head off, shitting bricks, slowpoke shadow, stfu agrippa, thehellisthatnoise?, throwing chairs, tinderboxes, torture is okay, torturing people, torturing you
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