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Player Information

Name: NR
Age: 17 (18 come August)
AIM SN: thisisnotnr
email: neikrider@yahoo.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Dressingroom.
Currrently Played Characters: Gabu ([livejournal.com profile] notbalto, Mordecai Heller ([livejournal.com profile] hatchet_cat), Fang Baskerville ([livejournal.com profile] revealedfangs)
Conditional: Activity Check Link: (Didn't do the last one due to hiatus.)
Character Information

Canon Source: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Canon Format: PC game
Character's Name: Daniel (No last name given - He does not remember it now.)
Character's Age: Mid 20s.
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will

be played.

What form will your character's NV take? It will take the form of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's severed head. Note; Agrippa is still alive for this due to receiving a potion that preserved his soul. The man's soul now rests within the rotting shell as a vessel for Daniel. When Daniel cut off his head, it apparently silenced Agrippa's ability to speak (thankfully; he's quite the rambler). The head will be able to project a hologram for videos and texts (with an equipped keyboard), and act as a speaker for voices.


This will only be temporary, as the husk will begin to rot after a week or two. Meaning, Agrippa's soul will have left the body since arriving at Siren's Port, and the shell will have nothing else keeping it together. It will decompose like any other skull. Immediately, though, Daniel will suddenly wake up in the morning with a new NV by his bed - this will be the form of your typical journal NV.

Character's Canon Abilities:

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability

will you give them?

The Powers of the Shadow
For this power, the Shadow's powers will seep in through Daniel's body and make itself known in moments of extreme stress (or mental instability). In time, Daniel will have better control over them come usage, though he'll be more certain that it's the Shadow that is pursuing him instead of himself that is controlling the powers. The first stage of this power will be only a small part of the Shadow's presence. When activated, a loud, Shadow-like roar will sound out.

A YouTube video that includes audio of the Shadow roaring (as well as the formation of the fleshy walls). Skip to around 0:45 for the audio.

This roar will be heard by all in a relatively close proximity to Daniel. When heard by Darkness monsters, they will start to avoid Daniel for a small amount of time. The more the roar is sounded, the longer the monsters will stay away. The second stage is when the fleshy walls start to accompany the Shadow's wailing. The rotten strands of flesh appear synonymously with the roar in the game, taking the shape of spider-like webbing that or squishy mounds that pulsate and throb as if alive. It is much too tough to cut with bare hands and most weapons - there is a scenario in the game where Daniel has to formulate acid to dissolve an obstructing wall of flesh. Depending on the strength of the Darkness monsters, the flesh will act as a shield, unless cut or disolved.

The more Daniel calls upon this power, the stronger and more numerous the flesh will be.

Shadow Flesh 1
Shadow Flesh 2

The last stage of this power is to summon the creatures the Shadow has distorted and mutated from the once-human servants of Alexander of Brennenburg. The Gatherers and Brutes will appear some distance away from Daniel and will typically make a bloodcurling roar to signal their existance. They will lumber around as Chaotic Neutrals, chasing and attacking anything, from innocents to Darkness monsters. However, once someone/thing is out of their line-of-sight, they simply give up and go back to patrolling; eventually disappearing.

They are also not prone to searching hard - one would have to duck down behind something dark and hope that they just lumber past in obliviousness.However, if their target makes their hiding location obvious (like shutting the door with the monster watching), then the monster will simply smash their way through to get at their prey. The more often that Daniel summons the Gatherers or Brutes, the longer they stay around.

More information about the Gatherers and Brutes here.

A picture of a Gatherer.

A picture of a Brute.

Weapons: Nothing but his bare instincts to hide. But apparently he's strong enough to lift a small boulder and chuck it a good distance with good accuracy.

Character History:

The basic history of Daniel.

Also, here is a complete collection of the diary entries that Daniel writes to himself and collects on the way to the Inner Sanctum - these give Daniel his backstory of finding the Orb, being hunted by the Shadow, meeting Alexander, torturing people, and so on.

Point in Canon: Right before entering the Inner Sanctum to confront Alexander.

Character Personality:

At first appearance, Daniel does not seem like an impressive figure. He's only a young Englishmen who is quite learned in some sciences such as mythology and archaeology. When we first encounter Daniel, he is reeling from the effects of the Amnesia potion, and frequently collapses for a few moments, ears ringing and heartbeat accelerating.

We later learn that Daniel is a man hell-bent on a mission for murder, and a self-inflicted amnesiac. He does not remember much besides his own name and the fact he lived in London at Mayfair. Nonetheless, he chooses to trust his former self and descends further into the castle of Brennenburg to find this Baron Alexander and murder him.

As the game progresses, we gain a bigger understanding of who Daniel is - a scared young man with an unstable sanity. His wavering stability depends on how long he stays in the dark and if he witnesses rather unsettling events. In the game, the player is aware of his sanity slippages by the sudden presence of voices around him, usually having to do with his frequent flashbacks of his old life. For example, when he is one wing of the castle, he begins to hear the barks and howls of dogs - a little later, he has a verbal flashback of Alexander killing a dog to extract it's mysterious "vitae".

Also revealed through the flashbacks and journal entries and even loading screen texts are exposers to a more sinister man. It is implied that, at a child, he was repetively beaten (most likely by his artisan father) while his younger sister, Hazel, looked on in fear. It is also implied that Daniel had been goaded with the enthusiastic cries of schoolmates to beat another child with a rock; the boy asks himself if he is really doing this just as he smashes the stone into the boy's head.

We also learn that Daniel had become quite close to Baron Alexander during his stay at Brennenburg. The young man followed the otherworldly Baron like a puppy and was all too eager to agree to any method that would lead to his salvation. You see, Daniel had sent letters to anyone who he thought would help him to keep the Shadow away from him. Alexander had sent back a cryptic note explaining only that he could help him and that he should come to Brennenburg. Daniel is shown to be a highly intuitive man and had trusted his judgement and instincts to follow the letter to Prussia. (Even so, he was really running out of options at the time, with the Shadow closing in and killing some men he had confided in about the sacred Orb the Shadow had been trying to retrive.)

Later, Daniel is revealed via flashbacks that he had become, under Alexander, quite corrupted. What had once been cooperation became blind obedience. Alexander had told Daniel that, to keep the Shadow at bay and to eventually banish it from him, he would have to undergo barbaric blood rituals in order to extract a substance from the body known as vitae. The vitae is secreted during moments of hightened bodily stress - typically from extreme fear and desperation. In the Amnesia universe, it is the adrenaline and endorphine rushes - or rather, an extreme variation of them both.

The vitae would be harvested for Alexander and Daniel's means, but for it to be secreted in the first place, the human beings would have to be tortured at full capacity until death.

Alexander manipulated Daniel. He gave excuses for Daniel to ease the young man's rapidly-decaying conscience. He told Daniel that their victims were all merciless criminals and that they deserved their horrific punishments. Daniel believed him and easily complied with overseeing all of the tortures inflicted upon his victims. In Daniel's mind, he was getting rid of the filth, the cruel, and the evil in the world. He was making sure murderers and villains received justice so that he could save himself. He became so immersed with wreaking his dark righteousness that he quickly lost himself - in one ritual that had been used to banish the Shadow, Daniel began breaking out into a madness mantra of Paint the Man. Even Alexander, who may have never forseen such a transformation, mused in uncertainty of how his friend had quickly changed beyond recognition. Alexander began to realize that he would not be able to take Daniel with him into his own world.

Eventually there came a time of reckoning; when the prisoners in the jails had all been used up, Alexander and Daniel turned to kidnapping villagers from the surrounding lands of the castle. One time, Alexander and Daniel attacked a small family living on a dairy farm. The father was murdered and the wife and daughter had been taken prisoner. The girl escaped, and Daniel pursued her - eventually catching up and killing her.

Although he tried to justify his actions by saying that the little bitch had deserved it, he eventually became drenched in his own remorse. He realized just what he had become - a murderer and a cold-blooded monster, exactly the sort of person he had been killing in the begining. Again, Daniel tries to justify his actions, saying that he had only wanted to do good and that Alexander had tricked him. That it wasn't fair. It's apparent that his childish blaming of others had not been grown out of.

Daniel also fell into a deep depression, moaning how he couldn't go on, knowing what he had done. The facts had been too great to handle, and so, in order for him to complete his task, he left a note for himself and stole an Amnesia drink that had been used as part of the rituals for the victims of torture. Becoming a coward, he could only do what he had done from the very beginning; run from his troubles. Daniel forgot practically everything (though apparently, his body still remembers the events of what had happened, thus the flashbacks).

In one of the endings - the one where Daniel does kill Alexander and survives - it is revealed that the Shadow had finally stopped hunting him. It is implied that it left Daniel due to his redeeming actions and let the man walk out of Brennenburg free. Absolutely guiltless.

Character Plans: For a while he'll be lingering around Siren's Port, trying to cope with the future and try to find out if he's in some sort of alternate reality, sent by the Orb or by Alexander or even by Agrippa. With the development of his game ability, he'll become increasingly convinced that the Shadow will still be pursuing him. And thus, he may go through measures of kidnapping people and sacrificing them in blood rituals in order to keep the Shadow back, not realizing that it's just his own power.


Daniel - sometime during the game. He looks quite disheveled and bloody. Obviously, he has seen plenty of better days. Also, apparently he likes baggy clothes.

Also, see icons.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The video feed is reveales total blackness and static noise. Except that it's not static; it's the sound of teeth grinding.]


[A voice suddenly penetrates.]

U-uh, oh my, well, I suppose I should...

[There's a scrape of a matchbox being struck, and suddenly a small outline of a man's body is illuminated; the light's coming from behind him. The figure steps away, revealing a lit candle.]

There, much be- what was that?!

[With a quick breath the candle is extinguished; there's the sound of shuffling feed and wood creaking.

And suddenly, a raspy growl.

Third Person Sample

A new city.

A new time.

A new inescapable prison.

New monsters.

All of these things ran through Daniel's mind as the miserable man meandered down an avenue. His jaw was set in a sliding motion; teeth were habitually grinded down (he knew it was horrible for the enamel, but old habits...) as his eyes darted about the different store signs and advertisements.

Such a different world! At least it was bright. Until it became close to night - this Darkness people spoke about. Well! Just another bother for him to worry about.

Something caught the man's eye and attracted his wasting body over. He hovered in front of a window and looked up; some sort of electrical store. Yes... Alexander had spoken of this mystical energy that had been harnessed for his devices.


Apparently this saving grace was rampant in this age - perhaps he really had been behind the times. His eyes bugged as he recognized a shape he'd seen in one of the magazines of this world; his legs jerked into motion and he found himself in the shop. "I suppose that I could do with a lot of these..." He smiled nervously, picking up a hefty Phillips torch.

Perhaps this world wouldn't be so dreadful and dark after all.


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